November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November marks Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time to spread awareness, raise funds for much-needed research, and celebrate lung cancer survival stories.

Celebrity Breast Cancer Stories

Breast cancer does not discriminate. No matter your background, occupation, or social status, all women are at risk of developing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1st marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month where thousands wear the Pink Ribbon to help spread awareness about breast cancer and raise money for much-needed research.

Recent Developments in Lung Cancer Detection and Prevention

Prevention, early detection, and treatment are at the heart of lung cancer research throughout the world. Thanks to government funding and generous contributions from private individuals, cutting-edge research offers the greatest opportunity for us to fight cancer right at the front line.

World Lung Cancer Day: August 1st

World Lung cancer day, traditionally observed in August, provides an opportunity for healthcare providers and communities to spread awareness about lung cancer and offer advice and guidance on how to spot and prevent lung cancer, and improve current treatment outcomes and patients’ experience.